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What to Look For When Buying a Spin Bike

Getting the best spin bike that has the best features to give you a fantastic experience can be hard to spot. And going by the current generation that is full of counterfeit products, you will want to take the blinders off and know exactly what to look for in a spin bike so that you get nothing but the best deal in the market.


And to help you do that, here are 7 things you need to look out for to get the best match of a spin bike that you need:

1. Drive System

This is among the most important factors you need to have good knowledge of. Ideally, there are 2 types of drive systems, and they are chain and belt. The chain drive system is a bit noisy, have got great difficulties with adjusting it and demands more for proper maintenance. While the belt drive system is a bit more quiet, with relative ease of adjustment and not to mention needs a low maintenance. So you can see that the best deal for you is the belt drive system.

2. Frame

There are lots of frames out there most of them being feeble. And what you will want to do is to get the bike with the strongest frame if you want to use it for a long time. Strong frames enhance stability and durability. And what that means is that you should go for only strong framed spin bikes if you want to have a long lasting experience.

3. Adjustability of the Frame

It is highly recommended that you choose the spin bike that has got micro adjustability that helps to adjust the seat and the handlebar. With this kind of adjustment, you are able to move both the handlebar and the seat forward, to your left or right and backward too so as to find the correct height and side position to ride at and also to improve the level of your comfortability.

4. Console

It is highly advised that the best place to use a console is on an indoor bike. Almost very spinning bike’s console will provide the same thing as those of the indoor although you might find some other spin bikes adding more information on programs and the heartbeat rate as well.

5. Flywheel Weight

The flywheel is the wheel that is located at the front side of the bike and it is usually the one that moves when you start pedaling. The idea behind the flywheel is that the heavier the weight of the flywheel, the easier and better the movement or steering of the wheel will be. The best weight that you should look for is above 16kg, anything below that is going to be exhausting and won’t give the worthwhile experience you actually want to have. The bikes that are out there are of different weights and you need to look seriously and be on watch against those that are of a lesser weight as they will bring more trouble in the long run.

6. Resistance

In bikes, there are 4 main categories of resistance and they include:

• Electronic magnet – this is the kind of resistance that works with a small motor which is regularly used to bring the magnet closely towards and further away from the wheel. This whole thing helps the bike rider to run different programs and also track the level of resistance.

• Cable system – this is mostly used on indoor bikes and is not recommended for spin bikes.

• Electromagnetic – electromagnetic is somewhat similar to the electronic magnet kind but with the exception of not having movable parts and it is also very hard to find.

• Manual screw – It is a good kind of resistance that has been extensively used on indoor bikes that have mid-high resistance pad. The problem with it however is that it does not show the level of resistance that has been applied.

7. The Brake System

Most spinning bikes have different types of brake systems, which are:

• Magnetic system – this system has the best level of resistance, does not need maintenance or replacement and it has a very quiet functioning because there is no contact at all. This is the best system.

• Fabric pad – this system is of a lesser quality than magnetic and is usually found in indoor bikes at the entry level.

• leather pad – leather pad has longer durability than the fabric one and is mostly found in the best indoor bikes and some sipn bikes.

And that’s it! With those 7 key aspects woth you, you will be more than sure to find the best kind of a spin bike that will fully match your taste and also give the perfect fit of experience that you so much desire to have. You can now go and shop for the spin bike you want with great confidence.